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Integrated Shamanic Concepts

Arkansas Shamanic Practice
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a year ago
Today’s class was exceptional! It is always a pleasure to see manifesting take place as it pertains to our past classes on subjects as the intertwined cosmic web, Tree of Life and the Hebrew 72 Names having vibrational aspects to manifestation. How “we” are (one & part of) the same creative consciousness that we are created in the image of. Astounding!!
- David R
a year ago
Learning from Integrated Shamanic Technologies is paramount for daily living during this global shift. Pulling from the ancient text and shamanic practices gives me a real practical application to living my life in simpatico with all that surrounds my life. Thank you Mr. Wagner for the time in study, research and practical everyday applications.
- Lea R
a year ago
I have life changing experiences using the methods Shaman Steve presents in his Classes, Labyrinth Meditations, and Writings. The open forum for discussion at each class is awesome. You really feel as though you are a part of a collective, while learning and growing on an individual basis. I highly recommend the Chakra Balancing Ceremony that this Holy man offers.
- Susan H

Shamanic Consciousness Integration

About Steve:

Shamanic Practitioner; developed the Shamanic Conscious Integration energy treatment; Active member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR. Bachelor of Business Administration, Associate of Arts in Administrative Services

Honors College Study of World Religions; Ordained Minister’s (ORDM) Credentials

Former AFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer​​

Author of Simpatico: Reconciling the Disparity of Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Modern Science  (and The Essential Supplement to Simpatico) available on soon

More info is available on Facebook and Instagram @integratedshaman
Updates on Simpatico and Supplement will be posted on my Facebook page, the ISC Group Page, my personal page, and on Instagram.

For more information about SCI, soul retrieval and the shamanic healing:

SHAMANIC CONSCIOUSNESS INTEGRATION involves the retrieval, recovery, and restoration of displaced energy and dissociated quanta of consciousness, integrating them back into the mainstream consciousness. This brings multi-dimensional holistic healing that includes the entire chakra system, meridians, aura, etheric bodies, and bio-field. This energy restoration is coupled with a modified and expanded version of the ancient shamanic spiritual practice of "soul retrieval."

"SCI reverses the effects of our physical-mental-emotional-energetic-spiritual fragmentation, aka soul loss or dissociation, caused by specific and non-specific trauma in our lives (including day-to-day stress). This relative and subjective stress or trauma causes our vital essence, life force, consciousness, or soul, to separate from us as a coping mechanism to get through or even survive an experience or series of painful events.

​ The absence or diminished quanta of this essential consciousness, the splintering of our sine qua non, causes an energetic disturbance in some or all our energetic systems. This results in, or causes, a sense of disconnection, not feeling whole or complete, and seeking things to fill voids in our life. Depression, lack of physical energy, unexplained sickness, “not feeling the same since” are symptoms presenting due to the lack, or absence of, foundational qualities and memories of who we are; i.e., our authentic selves. ​

Our soul-life force-vital essence circulates energy through our chakra system to our meridian system extending outward to our auric field and etheric bodies; all of which expand into our bio-field that surrounds our physical embodiment. SCI is a neo-shamanic technique and treatment to heal this human condition of fragmentation that is at the root of many problems we may experience in life. ​

SCI treatments are designed to bring back our natural simpatico to all the previously dissociated consciousness fragments, and align all parts and systems of Mind-Body-Spirit, including our bio-field, integrating them into one unified whole system. To be authentic, we must be whole. SCI assists in retrieving, reintegrating, and recalibrating all our scattered pieces of Self to approach this totality and to truly become our authentic Selves. ​​

Description of Services   
Your chakras circulate energy throughout your body. They also store information about you and your experiences. Energy work reveals your “story” so that we can determine past and current issues that require healing for you to be fully “present" again.  Treatments combine methods of ancient shamanic healing, contemporary science, and various other energy-work practices. Each treatment includes hands-on chakra clearing, aura-cleansing, and energetic "dialog" of any concerns or apparent issues.  

​SCI Level I: a prerequisite to Level II ​ Treatment focuses on the 7 major and 21 minor chakras. The specialty medicine pouches and protocol is designed for holistic healing, foundational chakra repair and strengthening, balancing, and restoring energetic well-being. ​
* Brings each major chakra back into full functionality, integrity, and wellness; clears all minor chakras
* Attunes each chakra, and the chakra network to its highest level of unified performance
* Conjoins adjacent chakras for renewed simpatico between chakras and within the system as a unified whole
* Fortifies and stabilizes chakra links facilitating smooth energy flow, harmonic transfer, and improved circulation 
* Boosts the immune system, brings enhanced sense of well-being, and increases auric output (to the biofield)

​SCI Level II: Treatment focuses on expanded integration from Level 1 healing of fragmentation within self and biofield. Focus is on the realignment of etheric/energetic bodies with the chakra system, extending to the Mind-Body-Spirit system for one all-inclusive holistic healing.
* Associated with Level I, this treatment brings each chakra to the optimal level of functionality 
* Merges chakras independently and collectively with all other energetic systems into a more homogeneous (non-hierarchical) composition or uniform structure
* Contact points or gateways are enhanced so the energy flow and life force interact with all energy systems in a multi-dimensional effect
* Brings a more complex exchange and transfer to harmonize all components of self within the biofield  

Tarot Consultation: ​Tarot has been referred to as the “mirror of life” reflecting one’s past, present and most likely future events on this path or timeline.  

The purpose of a “reading” is not to prognosticate the inevitable, but to gain information and insights that may not be readily available through more conventional channels.  

At a crossroad in life?  Seeking guidance through a difficult situation?  In need of a gentle push in the right direction?  Curious about the potential of a new relationship? Often, it is not a matter of finding the solution to a particular situation, but determining the real problem (lesson or cause) behind it; and then dealing with that issue.   

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective in order to see things clearly and objectively, and this enables you to make the most appropriate decision.​

Through Tarot you may empower yourself by identifying what is in passing right now in your life, and where this path is taking you toward the most probable outcomes; or what changes you might make to change those likely results. 

Discover new perspectives that can provide you with more choices and courses of action that will lead you to your desired results.  Get insights to influences in your life that you may not even be aware of.

Tarot readings are geared toward raising your awareness, which is always the first step toward (self) change. Knowledge and insight are keys to understanding.  Understanding brings clarity. Clarity fosters discernment. Discernment facilitates the right choices and decisions.​

Your future is in the cards!  

For more information about SCI, soul retrieval and the shamanic healing:

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